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Dog walking

There's nothing a dog loves more than a good walk but there are inevitably times when we know they need more than we can give them. We may have busy lives, or be experiencing illness or disability or an unforeseen change in circumstances. I can provide the fresh air, exercise and fun your dog needs so that you can continue to enjoy all those other lovely times together. I walk in all weathers, on or off lead, solo or with one or two of my own lovely dogs or other dogs that I know well. I always take the time to get to know your dog and allow him/her to get to know me, and to ensure that all dogs in a walk are well matched - they can't be happy if they're stressed or anxious! I can also tailor walks specifically for puppies, senior dogs or dogs recovering from surgery or illness.


Cat sitting

As a cat lover, I fully appreciate that every cat is uniquely individual. When we are away from home for any period of time, some cats may be perfectly happy simply having their food and water provided and litter tray kept clean, but many will be far happier with more than that - stroking, playing, or just simple companionship. I will always spend time getting to know your cat and aim to ensure they are happy and relaxed on your return. I can't guarantee they won't take the huff that you've gone away though!


Horses and ponies

I had my first riding lesson in 2008 and have been hooked ever since! In 2017 I became a horse owner for the first time. I am happy to feed, water and groom your horse, to muck/skip out the living quarters, to administer any medication or physio and to generally keep an eye on things while you're away.


Care of other pets

I provide care for small mammals - feeding and watering, spot cleaning and deep cleaning, wellbeing checks and exercise as required. I can visit them in your home or they can come and stay with me. Birds, fish and reptiles will need to stay where they are and I will come to them! I can also help with chickens, ducks and geese.

I offer the above services individually or in combination, at reasonable rates depending on your requirements and available on request.

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